Venom & Elixir

This story was written in a spurt of imagination and later was published in Writer's Ezine.

The little girl was standing at the threshold of the room, unable to understand the fuss around the two babies in the cribs beside her mother’s bed in the hospital.

Her mamaji, was standing at the only window in the room, deep in his thoughts and her mother was sobbing with occasional hiccups. The little girl waited for her father to take them home so that she can have hot, soft and fluffy rotis, her mother was famous for. Today was their third day in the hospital and she was fed up of cold food coming from mamaji’s house.

Mamaji turned from the window. ‘What’s taking him so long, he should have been here by now?’

‘He will not come,’ her mother replied. One of the babies squirmed, her mother mechanically rocked the crib.

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