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Amber Autumn

#AtoZChallenge – Flash fiction based on life’s philosophy or mood or emotions, interpreted using colours.

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She stared at the orange, red autumn leaves drifting down, anchorless, gliding with the breeze and sometimes at the mercy of the wind. Sitting by the window of her house, holding the drawing in her hand, she felt like one of the half-amber, half-brown coloured, shriveled pieces, separated from the anchor, no longer wanted, admired or desired. Crushed by the ignorant, invisible to the passerby, no longer of any value to anyone…

The wind blew one of the leaves towards her and it settled on the ten year old drawing. Despite the care she had taken with it, the edges had frayed a little, the paper no longer crisp, but the colours were vibrant and the figures still spoke volumes. The stick figures surrounded the pink strawberry cake, her birthday cake. She wanted to blow the candles and taste the cake as in the picture by her grandchild, needed to feel the child’s gooey fingers against her cheek. But the child has grown now… no longer interested in the autumn of her life.

The knock on the door jolted her out of her melancholy thoughts.

“It’s my birthday today! I have brought cake for you.” Five year old Riya, her neighbour’s daughter, stood with a piece of chocolate cake, radiant in her pink frock, clips and silver sandals.

The cherry on the cake winked at her, mocking her pitiful thoughts, rebuking her pessimism. How would the spring come if there was no autumn? She looked at the little girl, who looked a bit unsure.

She smiled “Really! Guess what, today is my birthday too!” The beaming look was back, she sat down and hugged the child. They both greeted each other.

“But what will I gift you?” The kid tapped her shoe.

“Why don’t you make a drawing for me!” ___________________________________________

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