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Champagne Girl

#AtoZChallenge – Flash fiction based on life’s philosophy or mood or emotions, interpreted using colours.

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He watched her from the table on the left of the round stage, clad today in a pale yellow shimmery gown. She sang in her melodious voice a long-forgotten gazal of Chitra Singh. Her long hair flowed on her shoulders and the loop in her ear swayed with the rhythm. He knew, she knew. Her gaze had traced his steps the moment he had entered the pub and reached his table. After that she never looked in his direction.

This had been their evening ritual for the past one month, six days in the week. He stayed till she sang and never felt the need to drink more than one peg. But that one day when she didn’t sing he turned into the compulsive alcoholic that he was. There was something magical about her voice which cured him of his addiction. Today he was determined to seek a permanent remedy for his craving.

The bouncer couldn’t stop laughing when he tried to bribe him for a meeting with the lemony girl.

“I would suggest you buy some Chitra Singh’s CDs sir.” The guard rasped, trying to control his laughter.

“Why?” He was getting angry with the moron.

“Do you think anyone who was that talented would be singing here? Everything is a mirage sir, a mirage.”

He gritted his jaw and took a step towards the stupid man.

The guard shook his head and gestured him to follow. There at the end of the stage was a music system playing the melodious song and his Champagne Girl lip-syncing.


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