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Emerald Venom

#AtoZChallenge – Flash fiction based on life’s philosophy or mood or emotions, interpreted using colours.

I watched them standing behind the curtain, he caressing her hand, she smiling then dropping her eyes to the emerald ring on her finger. The core of my being filled with an acute pain, a hand fisted on my heart and squeezed. Revulsion and bitterness rose deep inside. I knew I had taken the right step. He was mine, he had always been until she came in our lives and spoilt everything.

The waiter took the tray to them, the virgin-pina-colada she loved and screw-driver he preferred. Doctoring her drink was easy for me. My heart thudded at the grand finale as the waiter placed their order. I was filled with a sudden bleak premonition as her lips moved and her hand with the glass moved towards his lips, her glass. No! What was she doing? Did they have a ritual which I was not privy to?

My whole world came crashing down as the venom spread from my hand to his body and he lay there gasping for breath, paying for my sins.


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