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Updated: Dec 2, 2020

But—there is always a ‘but’ to any argument 🙂 —I have realized (I’m glad not too late) that I want to capture the nuanced feelings and emotions that are going through me as the book continues climb the Amazon bestseller chart and maintains its position in its genre. So here I am writing the ‘acknowledgement’ for this close-to-my-heart novel; ‘The Bodyguard’ after one month as I hit the ‘publish’ button on Amazon KDP, and I hope my well-wishers will forgive me for this delay.

The story wouldn’t have been possible without the priceless feedback from my beta-readers Neelesh Inamdaar, Preethi Venugopala and Ruchira Khanna.

I would like to thank Neelesh for his insightful evaluation of the manuscript. This story would not have been what it is without his hard hitting email which made me realize that exceeding readers expectations is of paramount importance than publishing a half-baked product for a contest. Neelesh, God must be watching over me the day I thought of you as my beta reader for both Jugnu and The Bodyguard and you agreed. I really thank you for taking out time from your busy schedule and showing me the mirror.

Experts say whatever is visible sells, and that has been proven true with my new release. Thank you Manoj Vijayan for such a fabulous cover. You have captured the essence of the story so beautifully in just one frame.

Shantala, my last-minute goto morale-booster. If you have given a green signal to my story then I’m sure it’ll be a sure success. Thank you Nikita, for coming to my rescue at the last moment.

Last but not the least, I would like to thank my Rock of Gibraltar, my friends; Adite, Upreet, Sue, Preethi, Sai, Devika, Esha, Paromita, Rubina, and Sundari, who are always there to advise, encourage and motivate me to move forward in life.

And thank you my creator, for being with me in everything I do.


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