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Kaali Nazar (Evil Eye)

#AtoZChallenge – Flash fiction based on life’s philosophy or mood or emotions, interpreted using colours.

I am taking a little liberty here by taking K for Kaalaa (masculine) or Kaali (feminine), which is hindi translation for black colour. Other colors were Khaki and Kelly Green, which were posing to be difficult to interpret with respect to the sequel I am writing. Black is considered to be inauspicious in Hindu culture and is not used for any auspicious occasion in any form.

Continued from  Part 1: Ivory Princess

Part 2: Jade Prince On to the Part 3: Kaali Nazar

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The moonlight threw silver shadows on her face and hair as she traced the white pattern on her dupatta with her fingers. The shiny loops on her ear swung in slow motion as her hair touched them whenever she moved. She looked divine to Krish in her sadness and calm acceptance of her fate.

The short story is now part of the collection ‘Heart & Hots‘ on Amazon.

Glossary Bua: Father’s sister, aunt Beta: Son, affectionate way of calling anyone younger Bhagwan: God Khandaan: Clan, family


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