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Neon Frenzy

#AtoZChallenge – Flash fiction based on life’s philosophy or mood or emotions, interpreted using colours.

The blinking neon light from the Billboard on the road, fell in the darkened room, changing colors every minute. Green glow. On—Off—On—Off…

She lay on the bed in front of him baring everything she had—her feelings, wishes, dreams, possessions—laying them at his feet. But it seemed he was only interested in her body. The red neon illuminated the room, throwing sinister shadows all over. On—Off—On—Off…

“I’ll call you later.” He turned and finished buttoning his shirt.

“It’s been two years. I want an answer now!” she whispered, pulling her gown from the bed post and trying to cover herself with trembling hands.

“Don’t be a moron, I said we’ll talk later.” He fastened the gold cuff-links.

Moron? The blue glow fell on one-half of his face, as if he was sneering, mocking her. On—Off—On—Off…

Something on her face must have prodded him to soften his stance.

“I promise darling, we’ll discuss this later.” He stepped closer, cupped her breast and planted a kiss on her lips. She shrank back as the pain radiated when he squeezed her nipple. Once again she was disgusted by his touch; feeling like his toy, a cheap vulgar toy.  The green glowing light fell in the room

On—over the fruit bowl—Off.

On—on the couch—Off.

On­—over his laptop bag—Off.

The light changed to orange.

“I just can’t spring a surprise on my teenage kids that I am sleeping with someone else.” He sat down to tie his laces.

“Sleeping with someone…” she muttered, and here she thought they were in love. Tonight he had stripped-off even her self-respect. She could see it heaped on the floor highlighted by the blue glow. On—Off—On—Off…

The veils of eternal love fell off from her eyes and it was he who stood in front of her, bare—without his civilized veneer, or the sophisticated façade he had been presenting. Hand on the bed post moved towards the knife in the fruit bowl.

The green monster—suppressed for a long time—roared and plunged the knife in his back. On—Off—On—Off…

She stood there drenched in blood, finally covered and respectable again. ___________________________________________________________

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