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Scarlet Woman

#AtoZChallenge – Flash fiction based on life’s philosophy or mood or emotions, interpreted using colours. 

“Come on darling you know it is not true, you are the only one I admire and rely on!” She put one red painted finger on his sleeve and trailed it down, fluttering her false eyelashes. “After my husband died, you are my only support in this whole wide world, my Jugnoo!” She smiled and raised his glass to his lips, Jignesh visibly puffed up and took a sip. “As soon as I pay off that miser Krishnakant, I’ll be yours.”

“Miser? He is a first class scrooge!”

“Oh yes, I had borrowed fifty thousand from him and now he is after my, you know! I don’t know how to get rid of him. I am sure you would never hassle me for a paltry amount like that!” She leaned, her breast brushed his arm fleetingly—a gesture both innocent and suggestive, he shuddered.

“Of course not!”

‘Cheapskate!’ She stifled a grimace when he made no move to offer the money. “It’s not as if I wouldn’t return, I would return it with interest. But right now I don’t have anything!” She pouted, wrapping and unwrapping her sari palloo on her fingers.

“Er… I can give you one lakh.”

“Will you? Oh my! What would I do without you?” She kissed his cheek, pressing her chest to his shoulder, he blushed red and handed the money from his briefcase. After a couple of drinks he took her leave.

“I’ll come tomorrow.”

“No darling not tomorrow… I have to go to the beauty saloon to look good for you. Is day after tomorrow fine with you?”

* * *

The next day…

“Oh my darling, Jignesh was again asking me to spend time with him! He even offered me one lakh rupees! What shall I do, dearest Krish?”She batted her long fake eyelashes and handed him ‘scotch on the rocks’, from the liquor collection an Amy officer had showered on her.

“Did he now?” Krishnakanth Sahay frowned at the daring of his friend. “How could he even think of you like this when he has a teenaged daughter at home? Shame on him! If you need money, just let me know. I have two lakhs with me, right this moment.”

Averting her face on the pretext of offering him the appetizers she smiled…

The game was always on!


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