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Year 2014: Discovered Passion

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The year 2014 was a happening year, as any year is… the family was in good health, there were some career progression, a few personal targets were achieved, on the down side I gained a few kilos instead of losing them, why let’s see…

Year 2013 left a void in my life when my elder one left the nest, and joined college. After months of pre-occupation with board exams, the entrance exams and the admissions, I was left with nothing to think or aim at.

I have always been reading… and reading a lot. My mother used to threaten that she would burn my books and my husband is still jealous of the time I am with books. But, how many books one can read without any real work?

It was then someone suggested writing. Being a process consultant I know there are many books, in fact good books in the field of process consulting. So non-fiction was a no-no. It was then my jealous husband said, why don’t you write fiction, since you relish them so much?

This post was written as a guest post on Devika Fernando’s blog. I would like to thank Devika for inviting me to share my thoughts about year 2014. Check out the complete post here


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