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Yellow (Sunshine) Enthusiasm

#AtoZChallenge – Flash fiction based on life’s philosophy or mood or emotions, interpreted using colours.

“No… no this is not the right color. Show me that one…” She pointed to another one and the salesman pulled it out from the shelf and displayed it with the same enthusiasm as he had shown us the first one, an hour back.

Sitting beside her, I stifled a sigh almost escaping my lips.

“She had taken from this shop only… why am I not able to spot it?”

“Who, love?” I asked with feigned interest.

“That actress you are so fond of!” She retorted with a pouty smile. “Forget it, I think I’ll look at a sky blue georgette one… with sequins or may be dabka work.”

I groaned silently, but the salesman beamed and swiftly gestured his helper to clear all the offending sarees spread in front, and quickly selected a few in blue and displayed them as if showing-off his own children.

This went on for one more hour and the salesman managed to sell two sarees to my wife, burning a sizeable hole in my wallet.

Walking towards the car parking with my radiant wife, I realized I had forgotten my mobile in the shop. As I entered the shop, I spotted the salesman attending to another lady with that same energetic, unwavering sunshine smile and the heap of sarees displayed in front of them, skillfully guiding her to choose one.

I found my mobile and silently saluted the man for his passionate enthusiasm for his work.


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